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photo from yelp.com

photo from yelp.com

What We Ordered – yellow watermelon juice and “french pressed” coffee (not served with the french press although from other tables we saw the tea was).

  • A sourdough pancake topped with banana and lightly sweet caramel sauce. (Jessica & Nicole both ordered)
  • Corned beef with caramelized onions and topped with a poached egg. (Nick ordered)

The Service – subpar. We were seated immediately however, we then waited over 10 minutes just for menus. Two  full tables seated after us received their menus immediately from the same waitress  – later she mentioned something false about a menu shortage. A different waitress brought us our food and was much more attentive.

The Food! – good flavor overall but very small portions. The yellow watermelon juice was fantastic but there was only enough for about 3 sips. There were no extras on any plate (sausage or toast or hash browns? nope.). Don’t order the special (or at least ask for the price of it first), it was about $5 more than most of the other brunch options. We wished the pancake (singular) came with more of the topping business and that the corned beef was open-face sandwich style with some sort of bread underneath for more sustenance.

The Price – pricey! $12-18 per item (brunch menu meals are very small and with no frills, as above) and 2 items would be necessary for a normal appetite. The watermelon juice and coffee was $4 for about a 4 ounce serving (think a double espresso shot). We left still hungry but unwilling to spend more at the restaurant.

The Website – has good directions and a sample menu posted.

Rating –  Overall Rating:  1.66

The Breakdown: 1 from Jessica, 2 from Nicole, 2 from Nick (the husband)


The Vinegar Hill House

72 Hudson Avenue

Brooklyn, New York 11201

between Front & Water Streets

Brunch hours: 11am – 4pm



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